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Part of Toyota's electric product line includes order pickers, which are commonly used in narrow aisle warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers. Toyota offers two models of order pickers, the 7-Series Order Picker and the 6-Series Order Picker. Find out which is right for you:

  1. An off-the-shelf solution for when you need it fast. Toyota's 7-Series Order Picker will fit most typical warehouse applications. It is a straight-forward, off-the-shelf solution for customers who do not have complicated or highly-customized racking systems. With an optional UL-EE rating, the 7-Series Order Picker is ready to work when you need it!

  2. A custom-solution made just for you. Need specific options? Toyota's customizable 6-Series Order Picker offers a high-level solution to go right to your product and pick what you need. With the ability to self-diagnose, the Toyota 6-Series Order Picker is easy to maintain and uniquely customized for your specific narrow-aisle warehouse or distribution center application.

If your order picking need is primarily ground level, check out the End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack with optional 96” forks.

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