Toyota's Most Popular Forklift Accessories: IC Cushion Forklifts

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Enhance your Toyota IC Cushion Forklift with the following forklift accessories:

Option Percentage of Orders
Rear Pillar Assist w/ Horn 65.4%
Rear View Mirrors 42.9%
Multifunction Display w/ self-diagnostics 41.8%
Fire Extinguisher 40.2%
Back-up Alarm 37.9%
Adjustable Volume Back-up Alarm 33.1%
Smooth Black Tires 29.4%
Rear Combo Lights 25.3%
Travel Speed/Acceleration Control System 25.2%
Orange Seat Belt 24.9%

For more information on forklift accessories, request a quote or contact your local Toyota forklift dealer.

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