Used Forklifts FAQ

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Why should I buy used?

When you consider buying a used forklift from a reliable dealer, several factors will come to play on what you purchase and how. Buying used may mean you can afford more than you could if you were buying brand new, based on how the unit is configured and what option it has.

Where can I find used Toyota Forklifts?

Most Toyota forklift dealers carry used forklifts in addition to their new inventory. Their ability to prepare, maintain and back up the already “built-in quality” of Toyota forklifts cannot be matched by anyone else. You investment will be preserved and protected best by going through a Toyota forklift dealer.

What kind of warranty can I get on used forklifts?

Every dealership is different. Most Toyota forklift dealers will offer some sort of certified-used program where they offer limited warranties or guarantees on used equipment.

Why should I buy a used Toyota forklift versus a used competitor forklift?

Toyota forklifts are known for durability and long-term value. Customers have been quoted saying they’ve been using their forklifts for 20+ years and they still work great. Your chances of getting a used forklift that will last is better with Toyota than other brands.

How can I get more information?

Request A Quote or for pricing, parts & more, click here to find a dealer near you.

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