Warehouse Safety Audit

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Warehouse safety is an important part of forklift safety, and at Toyota we know that safety is not an option. It’s a standard. Warehouses and other forklift environments should be places where operators, pedestrians, and managers feel safe and secure as they work accomplish important tasks. It can be easy to forgo warehouse safety reviews once you’ve established that your forklifts are in safe, working order. But taking the time to check for these important warehouse features can protect employees from serious injury.

  • Electrical Safety

    • Ensure outlets function

    • Install and maintain high-visibility lights

  • Workspace Safety

    • Clear aisles to remove tripping hazards

    • Avoid slip and fall hazards by immediately cleaning spills

    • Make sure all work areas are kept clear of clutter

  • Fire Safety

    • Remove any and all fire hazards

    • Make sure extinguishers are easily accessible and in working condition

    • Clearly mark all exits

    • Make sure exits are free of obstructions

  • Hazardous Material Safety

    • Make sure eyewash stations are in working order

    • Clearly label all chemicals

    • Make sure the MSDS for all chemicals are readily available to all employees

The above list is not exhaustive, but these points are vital to the continued safety of your employees. Additionally, all staff members should be given clear training on safety procedures in the event of a fire, accident, weather-related situation, or medical emergency.

Safety regulations for warehouses are maintained by OSHA, and it’s important that you audit your warehouse to ensure that your workspace is compliant. Contact your local Toyota Forklift dealer to help you stay on top of your warehouse safety requirements.

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