What is a Scissor Lift and Other AICHI FAQ's

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AICHI Scissor Lift ExtendedWhat is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a type of aerial work platform used to lift personnel. These platforms extend and retract vertically with the help of the scissor linkages that fold in a crisscross manner. Scissor lifts are typically electrically powered although there are some that are powered by internal combustion engines. Scissor lifts are used for jobs that require access to high-reaching tasks, such as installation, repair or painting projects.

How do I know what scissor lift is right for me?

Scissor lifts vary in height, width and platform size to cater to varying workplace and warehouse needs. By understanding these needs, we can help you determine which lift is best suited to your workplace environment.
Each Aichi model number contains four numerical digits associated with scissor lift sizes. The first two digits let you know the max platform lift height in feet while the latter two tell you the overall width of the scissor lift in inches.  For example, the SV1930E model has a platform height of 19 feet and an overall width of 30 inches.  Most manufacturer's use this philosophy when it comes to model numbers, although there are a few that use alternative methods.
The height at which work can be performed or the “working height” is typically determined by adding 6 feet to the platform height.  The height of the worker and type of task that is being performed, however, can add a variance to this number.
When considering purchasing or renting a scissor lift, it is important to consider the overall length, width, height, turning radius and working height to ensure it can navigate through your facility and reach the desired height for each given task.
There are also a variety of options available to help fit your application’s needs such as a tool tray, strobe light, or panel carrier.  Contact your local authorized AICHI dealer for more information.

How efficient are AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts?

The Peter Hird test, used to measure the number of repetitions a piece of electric-powered equipment can achieve, defines an operating cycle as a 30 meter drive, platform lifting, platform lowering and, finally, a second 30 meter drive. Independent testing has shown that the AICHI SV1930E Scissor Lift achieved 139 cycles, which is 12% more efficient compared to the next leading competitor. The AC drive motor is a key contributor to achieving this efficiency due to less current being drawn from the battery.

What kind of battery powers AICHI Scissor Lifts?

AICHI Scissor Lifts run off a 24-volt battery comprised of four 6 volt, 225 amp hour deep cycle cells. The standard battery requires watering and maintenance, made simple with the standard slide-out battery tray. Maintenance-free AGM batteries and high-capacity 240 AH batteries are available as options.

What are the key advantages of an AICHI scissor lift?

AICHI scissor lifts are a safe and dependable solution to your high-reach access needs. Each lift is built with accessibility, versatility and serviceability in mind, allowing for customization and ease of maneuverability. For more detail on the advantages of AICHI, contact your local authorized AICHI dealer.

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