What Makes AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts Unique?

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AICHI Scissor Lift on RampAICHI, a Toyota Industries Company, offers a high-quality scissor lift to supplement other Toyota material handling products such as forklifts, pallet jacks, reach trucks, order pickers and tow tractors.  AICHI became a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corporation in 2003 and in 2012 we celebrated as worldwide sales reached beyond 200,000 units. AICHI’s reputation for quality, durability and versatility has made us a trusted brand across many industries.

The unique characteristics of our E-Series Scissor Lift will make your purchase or rental decision an easy one:

  • Brushless AC drive motors manufactured by Toyota allow for smooth, effortless control of the scissor lift while also decreasing downtime spent on maintenance.

  • Onboard diagnostics and tuning capabilities without the use of tools provides simple, quick and easy adjustment of the scissor lift’s parameters.

  • Slide out battery trays pull out partially for service checks or fully for battery replacement. Hydraulic oil levels can also be checked without the use of tools and without having to elevate the platform.

  • Industry-leading travel speed and lift/lower speed increase your productivity on the job site.

AICHI E-Series Scissor Lifts provide superior ergonomic features that reduce operator fatigue and risk of injury.  Spacious integrated steps, the largest entry opening height in the industry and a naturally positioned control handle keep your operator’s comfortable throughout the day.

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