What Makes the THD Cushion Unique?

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Toyota forklifts are already known for their industry-leading quality, durability, reliability, and overall value. But completing the line of Toyota products to meet any material handling need has been an aspiration since we began manufacturing forklifts in the U.S. in 1990. In 2017, Toyota expanded the Toyota Heavy Duty (THD) line of forklifts to include large cushion tire forklifts capable of tackling high-capacity projects indoors.

High Capacity Cushion Forklift Application Loaded As the standard bearer of this expansion, the Toyota High-Capacity IC Cushion Tire forklift makes heavy lifting challenges in the paper, automotive, and other industries achievable with high levels of efficiency. Here are some other reasons that the THD Cushion is a unique solution for your heavy-duty needs.

  1. It can come equipped with an LP V6 or V8 engine depending on your need. That means you’ll get all the power of a heavy-duty engine that has the muscle for any operation.

  2. It comes equipped with a 3-Speed Dana transmission that offers a trio of speeds in both forward and reverse, offering you the versatility and power to maneuver your lift in many plant configurations.

  3. It has a load sensing hydraulic system that delivers the power you need just in time to lift the largest loads.

  4. Optional integral side shifting fork positioner allows you to adjust forks for awkward load shapes without sacrificing rated capacity.

  5. It has a digital display that gives fuel, engine, service, and temperature information, along with other data, to help operators work as efficiently as possible.

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