What Makes the THD Electric Cushion Unique?

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The line of Toyota Heavy Duty forklifts (THD) is one of the most dependable high-capacity fleets available in today’s market. In 2017, when Toyota expanded our THD family to include High-Capacity Cushion Tire forklifts, we rounded out this already impressive line by bringing its renowned power and durability indoors. As part of that expansion, the High-Capacity Electric Cushion forklift offers several unique characteristics that make it top of its class.
High Capacity Electric Cushion Reverse 2

  1. It’s powered by a 17.7 Horsepower AC Motor in 72-Volt or 80-Volt configurations. Which means it’s heavy-duty AND saves on fuel costs.

  2. Models are available with rated capacities from 15,000-40,000 lbs. You get all the rugged power of an internal combustion forklift with significantly reduced emissions.

  3. It has low-battery lift interrupt, guarding against low voltage damage by ceasing to lift on low battery life.

  4. Optional integral side shifting fork positioner allows you to adjust forks for awkward load shapes without sacrificing rated capacity.

  5. It has a rigid, welded chassis with heavy steel cross supports for maximum durability and reliability.

The advantages of the THD Electric Cushion forklift can take your operation to the next level in industries such as automotive, general manufacturing, and paper storage. Contact your local Toyota dealer for more features and advantages of this unique machine.

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