What Makes the THD Large Cushion Unique?

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With the 2017 expansion of Toyota’s Heavy Duty forklifts (THD), we knew that one of the major needs of our customers was to lift the heaviest loads even in indoor work spaces. That’s why we introduced the Toyota High-Capacity Large Cushion Tire forklift. With the ability to lift heavy car parts and sheets of the heaviest steel in manufacturing, its capability in high-capacity applications fills out the Toyota line to tackle almost any indoor challenge. Here are 5 more reasons that make it a unique solution for the jobs that the weigh the most.

  1. Its lift capacity ranges from 23,000 to 100,000 lbs. That’s the big power you need.

  2. Its 5.8 liter, V8 LP engine means that it can both lift and MOVE even the heaviest loads.

  3. It has a heavy-duty planetary drive axle so that you can rest assured of maximum durability and reliability.

  4. Its 3 forward and 3 reverse speed Dana transmission is an industry leader in supporting speed, power, and gradeability changes.

  5. It has a two-stage, wide-view mast that will help maximize visibility for operators moving the biggest loads.

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