What Powers a Toyota Forklift?

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Toyota Forklifts are unique in many ways. They feature the System of Active Stability (SAS) no other forklift manufacturer can offer, and they’re built using the highly revered Toyota Production System methodology. But, did you know that many Toyota Internal Combustion Forklifts are manufactured using Toyota engines?

Learn more about the Toyota Engines inside Toyota Forklifts, and how they compare below:

4Y Forklift Engine
Core IC CushionCore IC Pneumatic

1ZS Forklift Engine
Core IC Diesel Pneumatic

1FS Forklift Engine
Large IC CushionBox Car SpecialPaper Roll SpecialMid IC PneumaticLarge IC Pneumatic

1KD Forklift Engine
Mid IC Diesel PneumaticLarge IC Diesel Pneumatic

What’s the Difference?

The Toyota 4Y Engine was introduced in 1986, and it has been one of the industry’s longest lasting, most durable forklift engines ever since. The 4Y Engine is unique in that it is the cleanest engine in the industry, and its emission standards rival the emission standards of any competitive internal combustion engine.

  • The Toyota 4Y Engine is extremely efficient, which makes it tolerant of extreme temperatures. From outdoor applications in Minnesota, to paper mills in Georgia, this engine runs smoothly.

  • Due to its compact design, this engine works well in Toyota’s Core Products, such as the Core IC Cushion and Core IC Pneumatic.

  • It is common to find Toyota Forklifts operating with 4Y Engines that have run for more than 30,000 hours and haven’t had a major overhaul.

The Toyota 1FS Engine is based off the well-known 3Z diesel engine. It’s a robust powerhouse that can handle your toughest jobs.

  • The 1FS is built with special electronics that all lead to better fuel efficiency and low emissions.

  • Special measures have been taken (including a smaller engine footprint to help reduce the under-hood temperature, which leads to durability and longevity.

The Toyota 1ZS Diesel Engine powers the Toyota Core IC Diesel Pneumatic, with less displacement than the previous model for lower emissions and fuel costs.

  • The 1ZS is a 3-cylinder inline engine.

  • The Toyota 1ZS requires no exhaust maintenance.

  • This engine is a tough 53 horsepower with 128 lbs./ft. torque.

The 1KD Diesel Engine has been developed for the Toyota Mid and Large IC Diesel Pneumatic Forklifts. The 1KD is a four-cylinder engine that helps decrease fuel consumption and emissions.

  • This engine is turbo charged which provides advantages including superior power and efficiency.

  • With this engine model, horsepower and torque have significantly increased while fuel consumption has significantly decreased.

  • The current 1KD engine has approximately 20 fewer internal moving parts than the previous model, making it easier to maintain and own.

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