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  • Tricia: "The Toyota Culture is about being prideful of what we build, while constantly improving with Kaizen. I like knowing that I work for a company with such a rich heritage where everyone is valued and respected.”

  • Chad: “Toyota is about continuous improvement in all aspects – continually improving our product, continually improving our employees and continually improving our culture. After 12 years, I can honestly say this is a great place to work. I’m proud to be part of such a quickly growing industry at the industry-leading company.”

  • Ali: “This position at Toyota is my first out of college and I’m so thankful for the confidence my superiors have in me and the value they place in my success. I’ve worked in other corporate environments as an intern and none measure up to Toyota. My experience here has been everything I could have wanted and more for my first post-college job.”

  • Tom: “The Japanese phrase, “monozukuri wa hitozukuri” means “making things is about making people.” Another early Toyota saying was, “yoi kangae, yoi shina” or “good thinking means good products.” As a company we are always striving for continuous personal and organizational improvement or “kaizen.”


  • “Like many others, I applied to work at Toyota to start my career with a stable, reputable company. However, over the years, I’ve stayed for much different reasons. At Toyota, I am encouraged to bring my gifts and talents to work – my true self. It inspires me to push projects to the next level and create a better experience for our customers.”


  • “I’d been in the automotive industry for probably 20 years before I found out there was something else out there that I was lacking – it’s something that felt like it was missing and now, I’ve found what I was looking for.”

  • “I put my skills to use every day, I do something that I love to do and I also get compensated for it.”

  • “I get to travel around, I don’t have to look at the same four walls every day, I get to meet new people, experience new issues, you know ... learn things for the first time”

To learn more about career opportunities at Toyota, visit our Careers page.

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