Why Forklift Leasing is a Smart Move

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DSC_8818 as Smart Object-1 copyLeasing offers many benefits not available when you decide to purchase. Next time you decide it’s time to acquire, or upgrade, a forklift, consider these benefits of leasing before making a purchase decision:

  • When you lease, you will always have the most up-to-date equipment.

  • You won’t need to put much, if any, money down.

  • You won’t have any lines of credit tied up for equipment.

  • You don’t need to worry about selling the equipment when you’re finished with it – we will come pick it up and you will never have to see it again.

  • You will be able to purchase a maintenance plan, so all you will have to do is use the equipment and let us handle the rest.

  • Since your equipment will always be new, you won’t be paying for the extra maintenance that comes naturally with aged equipment.

  • You will have options at the end of the lease – you can return, or purchase your equipment, or you can extend your lease terms.

If it’s almost time for you to make a new equipment decision, talk to your local Toyota forklift dealer about your lease options.

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