Why Should I Have Planned Maintenance?

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MaintenanceWhen you purchase your forklift, you’ll also have the option to purchase a maintenance plan. Though every dealer offers different plans, the standards are Planned Maintenance (PM) and Full Maintenance (FM).

When you purchase a planned maintenance plan, you’ll pay a monthly fee to have your forklift serviced at every planned maintenance interval. Replacement parts and additional fixes are not included. However, the full maintenance plan will cover any maintenance need, barring specific exclusions, at a flat monthly rate.

But, why should you purchase a maintenance plan upfront, when you can pay as you go?

Purchasing a maintenance plan is a great way to save yourself money down the road. The first cost reduction you’ll see with a maintenance plan will be in downtime. Downtime is the single most expensive cost associated with a forklift. Maintenance plans facilitate early catches and easier access to technicians, increasing your uptime. Not to mention, a maintenance plan will ensure your forklift is getting the care it needs, making the lifespan better and longer. Lastly, you’ll have the option to pay by the month, regardless of the maintenance plan you choose, making your maintenance easier to budget for.

When it comes to maintenance, which is imperative to the longevity of your forklift, a maintenance plan is the way to go. Contact your local Toyota forklift dealer for more information and to find which maintenance plan is right for you.

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