Your Opinion Matters to Toyota Forklifts

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Visit our North American headquarters in Columbus, IN to see just how your Toyota forklift was made. We’re confident you’ll see the quality, durability, reliability and value that is built into every one of our forklifts in the Toyota Production System.

How many times have you spent good money on something, only to be left talking to a robot when you need help? Unfortunately for most, this is the new normal...but not at Toyota.

The Toyota forklift customer service line is open from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. and you’ll get a real person on the line when you call. If needed, the customer service representative will connect you and the nearest dealership to help resolve your issue.

Even if you don’t call for help, we will ask how your Toyota experience has been. Thirty days after you register your Toyota forklift, you’ll receive a survey on your delivery experience. After six months, you’ll receive a survey asking about your parts and service experience. The last survey you’ll receive will come one year after you’ve registered your Toyota forklift and it will ask about your product experience. All of the survey results factor into a “grade” for the Toyota dealership.

At Toyota, we value our customers and their opinions, and we will seek you out to see what kind of experience you’ve had. At Toyota, your opinion matters!

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