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Toyota Powered Engines

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Powering Toyota's line of large capacity forklifts are two new powerful Toyota engines designed for industrial operation. These new engines feature the latest in engine technology and are able to deliver the same or greater horsepower and torque than the larger 6-cylinder engines they replaced.

And when it comes to the quality of the air we breathe, no other forklift manufacturer in the world is more devoted than Toyota. Our new diesel models meet the EPA Tier IV Final regulations and the new gasoline models meet the EPA TIER II regulations to provide the cleanest burning engines Toyota has provided in these high-capacity forklifts.

New Toyota Forklift Engines

  • - Robust engine design built for harsh environments found in lumber, steel and concrete yard applications.
  • - Tested for more than 10,000 hours to ensure optimal performance and Toyota reliability.
  • - Load sensing hydrostatic power steering offers low-effort steering control while increasing engine efficiency.
  • - High volume cooling system with separate hydraulic cooler is designed to handle the high temperatures found in outdoor applications.
  • - Toyota’s 3.0 liter 4-cylinder engine with intercooled variable nozzle turbocharger and diesel oxidation catalyst meets the EPA TIER IV final standard.

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