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Battery and Energy Solutions to Drive Productivity

Analyzing your energy sources and making changes to enhance your fleet can require a complex series of decisions. Toyota Material Handling can help guide you through the process to ensure that the products you choose are the right fit for your operation.


An extensive selection of lead-acid, TPPL batteries, and approved alternative forklift energy sources allows Toyota to uniquely pair up the best forklifts in the industry with the most efficient and cost-effective forklift power sources. Key differentiator for Toyota Energy Solutions include:


  • First to market with UL-E/EE approved sit-down forklift and lithium-ion battery combination


  • Over 50 tested and approved alternative energy source models across electric rider forklifts, electric narrow aisle lifts, and warehouse equipment


  • Toyota's 24V, 36V, and 48V Lithium-ion batteries available to fit a variety of forklifts

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I am Interested in Lithium-Ion Solutions

Find out if Lithium-Ion is right for your operation.

I Want to Convert my Fleet to Electric

Let us help you address all aspects of electric conversion.

I Need to Analyze my Energy Solutions

Let Toyota Energy Consultants conduct a power study to determine the best enery solutions for your business. 

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Powering You Toward Success

Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions follows six key “ENERGY” pillars. Each pillar represents commitment to providing world-class solutions and service to keep you and your business moving forward.


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Exceptional Quality


Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions' unmatched commitment to quality extends well beyond material handling equipment. All approved forklift energy sources are extensively tested by Toyota engineers to reduce downtime and operational costs.

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New Technology


A variety of options means finding exactly the right fit for your business. That’s why Toyota tests and approves a wide variety of alternative energy sources, types, and brands for use in nearly every electric forklift that we build.

Expert Service & Support


You can trust the nation’s largest and most comprehensive dealer network to match today’s advanced power solutions to your specific needs. Over 3,500 Toyota Certified Technicians are in-tune with new energy demands and are available to keep your operation up and running.

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Return On Investment


Every good investment starts with proper research. Advanced analytics from Toyota empower you to confidently make smart decisions on the right power options.

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Green Thinking


Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions’ commitment to environmentally sustainable practices and technologies help reduce environmental impact.

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Your Success


Success looks different for every business. That can mean reduced downtime, cost of ownership, and more efficient workplace management. It can also mean increased throughput and environmental sustainability. With Toyota, get on a path to powerful success, no matter how you define it.

Toyota’s Enduring Environmental Commitment

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations can make it difficult to keep your fleet compliant. Toyota Dealers can assist you with CARB fleet averaging and optimizing your product mix to fit your unique application and regulatory needs.


Toyota’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices starts with energy-saving and waste-reducing practices at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Columbus, IN. Book a factory tour through your local Toyota Dealer to learn how you can benefit from similar practices and methodologies, including lean thinking and the Toyota Production System.

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