Option Highlight: Blue Pedestrian Spotlight

“Nearly 100,000 workers are injured per year due to improper training or sheer carelessness on the job. Compared to the estimated number of forklifts in the United States, that means that each year more than 1 in 10 forklifts are involved in an accident.” (OSHA) At Toyota, safety comes standard on all forklifts and we recommend that all operations follow safety best practices to help limit risk to operators and pedestrians in material handling settings. However, there are certain job sites in which alternative precautions for visibility make sense. Enter the Toyota Genuine Blue LED Pedestrian Light.

This simple attachment is mounted on the forklift’s overhead guard and serves as a visual warning of the forklift’s approach. A bright blue spot is projected on the ground in front of or behind the forklift and acts as a visual warning.  Most often, this attachment is used to help increase visibility of an approaching forklift at a blind intersection or corner, warning pedestrians of the truck’s presence. This visual reminder of an approaching forklift is not a substitute for safe operating practices by both forklift operators and those nearby, but can be used to supplement safe practices for applications that have unique safety needs. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other popular options such as backup alarms and strobe lights. The Blue LED Pedestrian Spotlight can be added and adjusted both before and after production. Toyota’s Genuine Blue LED Spotlight offers high quality and reliability to meet your safety needs. It’s just one of many Toyota Genuine Parts that make Toyota your full line material handling supplier.


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