Understanding Forklift Inspection Frequency

Forklift inspection is a task that helps to ensure material handling equipment is up to par with operation standards at all times. But how often should operators inspect their forklift? Here’s a handy guide on the frequency of forklift inspection:

OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard 1910.178(q)(7)

This standard is the one that controls all OSHA compliance on forklifts. To meet the standard, operators must inspect trucks:

  1. Daily (at the beginning of each day’s use)
  2. At the beginning of each shift in a continuous use facility

This standard compels operators to ensure their equipment is in good working condition. Failure to operate at this frequency can result in fines from OSHA. Any operator who finds a problem with a forklift must tag it out.

Why this forklift inspection frequency?                     

The frequency of inspection helps to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your forklifts. By comparison, some of us are guilty of bad practices when driving our cars. We see something that will be a problem, and say to ourselves “that will need fixing… eventually.” But there’s going to be a moment in time when that problem will manifest itself in a very real and dangerous way. And then we’re in trouble.

The frequency of forklift inspection helps to combat that procrastination when operating a forklift. Because forklifts are inspected daily or at the beginning of each shift, operators are able to catch potential problems early. And instead of having a major problem at the exact moment when a part or component breaks, we can perform maintenance that might prevent dangerous situations from ever happening. Also, by requiring the operators to check their forklift at the beginning of a shift, businesses aren’t relying on someone who is exhausted at the end of a shift to perform check list duties.


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