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Fleet Management

Toyota's Fleet Management System

TOYOTA FLEET is a data-driven, comprehensive approach to fleet management designed to create long-term partnerships, not just short-term gains. Our goal is to deliver better bottom-line business performance for our customers.

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T-Matics Vehicle Management System

T-Matics is a fleet management tool that utilizes a vehicle management system (VMS) to track and report operating behavior of a forklift and/or a forklift operator.
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Toyota T-Matics

Available as a factory-installed option or an aftermarket addition, T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND deliver important insights about your forklift and operators to help increase uptime and profitability. T-Matics MOBILE is a mobile forklift management system and is great for forklifts that are not locked to a single location. T-Matics COMMAND® is a robust forklift and forklift operator management system that transfers data through WiFi, but requires the forklifts to be locked to a single location.

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