Safety Features of Toyota Forklifts

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Toyota Forklifts lead the industry with innovative designs and top-of-the-line customer support. At Toyota, safety comes standard, and we spend time each day developing ways to keep everyone in your facility protected, healthy, and productive.

State-of-the-Art Unique Safety Features from Toyota:System of Active Stability

  • System of Active Stability (SAS): The SAS is unique to Toyota forklifts. While many stability systems are reactive, Toyota’s SAS is a proactive system that takes approximately 3,000 readings per second to ensure operator safety. Because of this proactive approach, SAS recognizes when factors could put the forklift at risk and automatically stabilizes the lift to prevent a tipover.

  • Active Mast Function Control (AMC): AMC is also unique to Toyota forklifts. This system recognizes dangerous tilt speeds when lifting payloads and slows the speed of the mast to prevent tipovers.

  • Orange Forks: It seems so simple, but optional orange forks on our lifts prevent accidents and loss of products by assisting visibility during placement. Accurate fork placement helps prevent against spilled payloads that can be dangerous for forklift operators and other associates.

Other Toyota-Engineered Safety Features:

  • Horn: All forklifts are required to come installed with a functioning horn.

  • Rear Horn with Grip Assist: Toyota offers an add-on horn placed behind the operator on the overhead guard support leg. This ergonomic design allows operators to honk while they are turned and viewing the workspace behind the forklift.

  • Seatbelt: Toyota forklifts come standard with a seatbelt. We also offer orange seatbelt upgrades to increase visibility and ensure proper usage of this highly-important safety feature.

  • Overhead Guard: This safety feature protects operators from falling objects. The single component welded construction improves rigidity and safety while design considerations such as the 45 degree angle of the front cross beam improves visibility for operators moving pallets at height.

At Toyota, your safety is our priority. When you think about purchasing your next forklift, remember that we work hard to ensure the protection of your employees. Your local Toyota dealer can offer you a more thorough explanation of these safety features. Buy orange, and be safe with Toyota.

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