Add Forklift Safety To Your Holiday Checklist

The holidays are just around the corner, which means many warehouses and distribution centers are preparing for their busiest time of year. Oftentimes, this means adding additional material handling equipment to your operation. Forecasting for the seasonal retail rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will often help you determine how much equipment you’ll need. But whether you’re renting additional equipment to help out in your warehouse or relying on your existing forklifts, increased stress on equipment and operations reinforces the need for taking necessary precautions. Don’t forget to make sure that all equipment is in optimal working condition to get you through the holiday season as smoothly as possible.

Forklift Safety Checklists

The different classes of Toyota forklifts come with unique sets of daily safety checklists. With business being busier than usual, it can be easy to overlook the OSHA required pre-shift walk around and go about your day. However, with additional equipment in your facility, you may be taking on additional risks by not making sure each forklift is fit to operate.

Warehouse Safety

In addition to caring for your forklifts, be sure to keep your workplace clean and organized. Extra materials from increased shipping can cause both additional packing material and block lighting fixtures.  Work areas are safer when they are free of debris and lit appropriately. Shrink-wrap, misplaced packaging, and dust can lead to damaged equipment which, in turn, jeopardizes the safety of your workplace.

Staying Safe during the Holiday Season

Have a plan ready. Prepare your warehouse staff and forklift operators for the heightened workload coming your way. Assign individuals to maintain additional equipment and to keep the various areas of your warehouse clean. Have safety procedures in place that are clear and can be easily understood by seasonal employees. Make sure all employees are familiar with facility precautions. Doing so will allow you to enjoy peace of mind this holiday season!


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