The Benefits of Being a Good Forklift Rental Partner

Renting forklifts can fit several needs you have with your business, from short-term emergencies to long-term needs meeting increased production. Your company might even have seasonal demand where buying a forklift doesn’t make sense for your business and renting a forklift fits your needs better. However, when you decide to rent a forklift, remember it is just as important for you to be a good forklift rental partner as it is for the rental company. If you’re a good renter, you’ll not only have a rental company that wants to work with you toward success, you’ll also get the best ROI out of your decision to rent. Here are four tips to keep in mind for renting forklifts.

Open and Early Communication with the Forklift Rental Partner

Communication is key to being a good partner with the rental company. You should communicate a forklift rental need as soon as you possibly can with the partner you choose, so they can reserve a forklift from their inventory. Rental inventory is constantly fluctuating and it is important to communicate early on when you might need to integrate another forklift into your operation.

If you need the forklift offsite from your main location, be sure to communicate the actual delivery location with a member of your operation on site of the shipping location. And let your rental company know who they should be in touch with on site.

Another communication point is budget. Various partners will offer different equipment and terms of service, much of which will have a clear impact on budget considerations now and down the line. Make sure you ask enough questions to be sure you understand what is included with the rental and what is not. Being clear about your expectations early in both rental company selection and engagement can help you.

Damage to the Rental

Damage to the forklift rental is common and can happen in most operations. Don’t feel bad or be nervous about reporting the damage. Call your partner to have them fix it. They can determine the cause of the damage and the proper repair. If the forklift is not running properly or is showing error codes, do not ignore it. Be a good forklift rental partner and communicate it with the rental company. If that forklift breaks down for a long period of time and needs to be replaced, your downtime could seriously impact your ROI. And ignoring warning signs of problems could potentially result in a safety issue, possibly putting your employees in harm’s way.

Understanding the Forklift(s) You Need to Get the Job Done

Forklift rentals are great because it gives you the flexibility of switching out forklift types with your rental partner. But if you need to switch you may incur transportation expenses for delivery and pick-up for switching the equipment. Be sure to have a keen understanding of what your heaviest load is, if you support electric or internal combustion (IC) powered forklifts, and how high you need to lift your loads. Determining if you operate indoors or outdoors can also determine the type of forklift rental you need. If you are clear about these needs from the start, you’ll have a stronger relationship with your rental company.

Be Prepared for the Paperwork required as a Forklift Rental Partner

Paperwork is the last thing that comes to mind when you need to rent a forklift, especially if you are in an emergency situation. Many companies cannot rent to you unless you have a credit application on file and proof of liability insurance.

In a dealership rental department, the action item that hinders most rentals from starting is not completing a credit application and getting it on file. So, when you are renting with a new company, please be a good partner and be ready with this information. These companies want to help you, but there are items that the rental companies need to have done before doing business with you.


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