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Toyota Tow Tractors & Tuggers

What are Tow Tractors & Tuggers?

Tow Tractors and Tuggers are built to increase productivity and provide the ideal horizontal transportation solution for delivering materials throughout your facility. Ideally suited for manufacturing, each of Toyota’s electric Tow Tractors and Tuggers are equipped with AC motors for increased efficiency, runtime, and reduced maintenance, so you never have to worry about getting the job done. What if you need to attach loads of different sizes? No problem. There are multiple hitch options available that can transport a variety of different materials efficiently and easily, depending on your load size.

Tow Tractor & Tugger Advantages

Why Choose a Tow Tractor or Tugger?

Each of Toyota’s Tow Tractors and Tuggers are designed with programmable performance capabilities that allow you to set parameters to meet your operation’s goals, needs, and load capacity. Each of Toyota’s Tow Tractors and Tuggers comes with a multifunction ergonomic handle, angled handgrips, and a low platform step height to allow for optimal ergonomics and comfort. 

Industry Solutions

Tow Tractors & Tuggers for Various Industries

Tow Tractors & Tuggers can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and building materials. Toyota’s newest tow tractor and tugger solutions provide quick acceleration and superior gradeability, making it ideal for maneuvering around planes and ground support equipment.  

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