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Toyota Expands Manufacturing Plant to Support Strategic Initiatives

COLUMBUS, Ind. (August 5, 2015) – Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM) recently announced a new $16 million dollar expansion and building renovation at its forklift manufacturing plant in Columbus, Indiana. The expansion is designed to bring everyone together in one large space to enhance communication between associates, improve products and services, and provide a better experience for customers. Toyota plans to expand its new product development capability in the USA to improve support for the North American market.  The 50,600 square feet addition will increase the total facility to 1.1 million square feet of manufacturing and support space.


The new building and renovation will provide room to support human development activities, new manufacturing technology development, new product development, along with the company’s Vision 2020 strategic initiatives.  The expansion includes a two-story office building, a new cafeteria, a new storm shelter & locker room and expansion space for Toyota’s on-site medical center for Associates and their families. The new building will also serve as headquarters for Toyota Material Handling North America, the North American division of Toyota Material Handling Group.


“To achieve our long-term vision and goals, we are investing in our people, and our manufacturing and support space,” said Tony Miller, senior vice president at TIEM. “This expansion represents Toyota’s commitment to its Associates, customers, and the Columbus, Indiana, community.”


Since the first forklift rolled off the line 25 years ago, Toyota Associates have built more than 500,000 forklifts. The majority of all Toyota forklifts sold in North America are produced at TIEM.


Toyota will hold a ground-breaking ceremony next month and a grand opening ceremony when construction is complete next year.


About Toyota Industrial Equipment


Proudly manufactured in the United States, Toyota Industrial Equipment offers a full line of material handling solutions including forklifts, automated guided vehicles, fleet management services and tow tractors. Toyota’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, the hallmark of the Toyota Production System, extends throughout more than 220 locations in North America. For more information, visit www.ToyotaForklift.com.

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