Toyota Forklifts Earns #1 Crown 14 Years in a Row

COLUMBUS, Ind. (Aug. 10, 2016) – Toyota Forklifts secured the top spot on the Annual Top 20 Lift Truck Suppliers list released this month. This was Toyota’s 14th year in a row in the #1 slot. The Top 20 Lift Truck Suppliers list, released annually by Peerless Media Network, ranks global forklift brands on worldwide sales.

Toyota’s worldwide sales grew 8.2% last year, bringing the top forklift manufacturer’s revenue to $8.3 billion. Toyota outpaced the nearest brand on the list by more than $2.6 billion in worldwide revenue. Helping propel the brand’s market dominance was an aggressive expansion of product offerings for customers in the electric truck market. Toyota released five new electric products in North America in 2015.

Inclusion in the annual Top 20 Lift Truck Suppliers ranking conducted by Modern Materials Handling requires that companies manufacture and sell forklifts in at least one of the Industrial Truck Associations’ (ITA) seven truck classes. Toyota manufactures and sells forklifts in six classes.

“Being customer-driven is what keeps Toyota Forklifts as the top brand in the world,” said Jeff Rufener, president of Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. “That customer-focus coupled with Toyota’s commitment to safety, reliability and low cost of ownership is what keeps us in the industry-leading position in a highly competitive global forklift marketplace. Our extensive dealer network and exceptional associates are another part of the formula that keeps Toyota at the top of the list,” said Rufener.

About Toyota Industrial Equipment

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Toyota Industrial Equipment offers a full line of material handling solutions including forklifts, automated guided vehicles, fleet management services and tow tractors. Toyota’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, the hallmark of the Toyota Production System, extends throughout more than 220 locations in North America. For more information, visit www.ToyotaForklift.com.

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