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Toyota Plans Facility Expansion at Columbus Campus to Improve Logistics

COLUMBUS, Ind. (April 17, 2017) –  Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, the number one forklift brand in North America, plans to expand facilities at its North American corporate headquarters in Columbus, Indiana. Construction on the existing facility, which currently has over one million square feet under roof, will begin in April 2017. The $17.5 million investment in Columbus will add more than 150,000 square feet bringing the facility’s total space to 1.3 million square feet.


This expansion will improve internal and external logistics at the facility by consolidating external warehouses to internal storage and distribution onsite.  The goal of the expansion is to reduce internal logistics route distance by 50 percent.  The new construction will also expand space for the growing aftermarket parts business.


“This is an important step to position Toyota Industrial Equipment for the future,” said Tony Miller, senior vice president at TIEM. “This expansion will enable us to improve our operations, drive out waste and reduce total lead time,” said Miller.


Toyota completed a $16 million dollar expansion at this facility in 2015, which added more than 50,000 square feet. In January, Toyota again grew their footprint in Columbus when they announced the T+Rex, a newly constructed fitness and wellness facility for associates and their families.


About Toyota Industrial Equipment   


Proudly manufactured in Columbus, Indiana, Toyota Industrial Equipment offers a full line of material handling solutions including forklifts, automated guided vehicles, fleet management services and tow tractors. Toyota’s commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, the hallmark of the Toyota Production System, extends throughout more than 220 locations in North America. For more information, visit www.ToyotaForklift.com.

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