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Who is Toyota Advanced Logistics?

Posted: March 28, 2023
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For the past 50 years, Toyota Material Handling has been working to bring you everything you need to help with your material handling needs. In an effort to innovate, TMH is proud to collaborate with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics (TAL) company. TAL was formed in 2017, when Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) acquired Bastian Solutions, LLC to better align with market changes and customer needs in the area of logistics. TAL focuses on effectively blending advanced warehouse automation with material handling solutions TAL companies are working towards bringing technological enhancements to our customer’s facilities and provide solutions to clients to excel in their markets. Together with Toyota Material Handling, the North American leaders in forklift manufacturing and automation technology work as one to deliver quality and success in a new era of material handling solutions.

What are Advanced Logistics?

Logistics needs are shifting across industries to respond to a changing, internet sales driven era. When we speak of advanced logistics, we mean providing companies with technologies that respond to increased demands of the market and providing integrated material handling solutions that marry automated processes to manual operation. This could be many different things, from automated guided vehicles, to conveyor systems, and even different types of automated order picking machines. There are plenty of technologies that companies can use, and you can work with TAL professionals to see which types would work best for you.

What Else Does Toyota Advanced Logistics Offer?

As well as offering products to increase your throughput, TAL also offers several services that can assist you in achieving logistics success. Bastian Solutions, for example, can assist with conveyor design, labor management, distribution facility design, and fleet optimization. TAL and Bastian leadership understand the importance of ensuring that your operations are running at maximum efficiency, even after the implementation of the new technology. Operator and Supervisory training, change management, and workforce planning and forecasting are available. Toyota Material Handling and TAL want to make sure you receive a total logistics solution before, during, and after the automation process is installed.


As you can see, Toyota Material Handling and TAL are partnered to deliver on the promise to be the complete solution to your material handling needs. With so many different solutions, we are bound to help your operations increase efficiency, make use of your space, and continually help you reach your highest potential.

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