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A Case Study with Toyota Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Posted: March 28, 2023
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In the world of material handling, it’s important to ensure your operation is running at peak performance. One way to confirm sustained productivity in your operation is by confirming that your equipment utilizes the correct energy solution. Toyota Energy Consultants are your guide to understanding your energy consumption, helping eliminate waste, and determining the right solution for your electric or internal combustion equipment. Let’s dive into a case study that highlights how Toyota’s Energy Consultants helped a customer find the right solution for their operation. 

Case Study Overview

A customer runs two 10-hour shifts using a sit-down counterbalance forkliftwith an 18-85-23 lead-acid battery. The customer was using one lead-acid battery per truck with a 935AH battery, which the usable AH capacity is 748 (80%). The customer was concerned about the battery’s runtime and mentioned that the batteries were not lasting beyond three years.  



Toyota Energy Consultants performed a two-week power study to determine the customers’ usage patterns. During that time, they found that the customer had a peak day usage of 1426 AH and an average usage day of 1380 AH. They also measured the EBU (equivalent battery usage), which was 1.9 on the peak day and averaged 1.84 EBUs.


The data above revealed that the customer would need either two lead-acid batteries per truck, or they would need to consider switching to a more sustainable solution such as a lithium-ion battery because their current solution was being pushed beyond limits to sustain operational efficiency. By completing the power study, Toyota Energy Consultants were able to propose a tailored, long-lasting solution to help meet the customer’s needs.



Application Type






Opportunity Charging



Fast Charge

Lead Acid





EBU is calculated by taking the number of Amp Hours used in 1 day divided by the usable capacity of the battery. Example, if a customer has a 1000 AH battery and the usable AH is 800AH (80%) but the customer used 1400AH in a day; the EBU would be 1400AH/800AH = 1.75EBU. 


Toyota’s dedicated team of consultants take the time to understand not only your energy consumption but also your business challenges so they can eliminate waste. They dive deep into your business so they can recommend customized solutions to maximize your operational efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more about power studies or meeting with a Toyota Energy Consultant directly, please reach out to your authorized Toyota Forklift Dealer.

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