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Guide to Common Forklift Replacement Parts

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Posted: March 28, 2018
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Like any piece of equipment that you operate, forklift parts will need replaced throughout the lifetime of your ownership. And parts replacement can get complicated, especially when specific procedures like periodic checks don’t occur or when cheap parts fail, causing downtime. While we advise that you always use Toyota Genuine Parts for replacement on your Toyota Forklifts, we know that the first step in getting the right forklift replacement parts is having a good understanding of what needs to be replaced. There are many considerations when thinking about replacement parts, the first of which is forklift fuel type.

Internal Combustion and Electric Forklift Replacement Parts

Whether you’re buying a new forklift, are asking a question to an expert, or explaining a problem to a technician, the first questions is often “electric or IC?”. And that holds true for guidance into assessing forklift replacement parts. While many of the parts on electric and internal combustions models are same, there are important differences that need to be taken into account in order to account for replacement parts. Fuel hoses are obviously not an issue on electric forklifts, but failing to neglect checking them on your IC models can lead to issues that cause downtime.

Also, be sure you’re clear about the difference between what parts will need to be periodically maintained on a schedule, what consumable parts you’ll need continually, and what parts can be treated on an as needed basis. Performing periodic replacement will help you maintain the long-term value of your forklift and maximize your ROI, avoiding unnecessary breakdown. It will also help your operation by ensuring you can schedule maintenance effectively by judging what changes will take longer. The below infographics can help you navigate forklift replacement parts you might need routinely. In addition, here are 8 of the most commonly order forklift replacement parts:


  1. Oil Filter
  2. Forklift Chain
  3. Air Filter
  4. Spark Plugs
  5. Pedal Pad
  6. Oil Fill Element
  7. Horn
  8. Cylinder End Pins

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