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Advantages of Toyota's Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack Models

Woman using Tora Max Electric Walkie to carry 2 large tires across warehouse
Posted: April 08, 2022
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Do you wish you had a piece of equipment that was willing to work just as hard as you do? Whether you’re restocking shelves on the sales floor or maneuvering pallet loads in the stockroom, you need equipment that won’t shy away from a challenge. With the all-new Compact, Second Generation Electric Walkie Pallet Jack, and the Tora-Max Walkie Stacker,  you can transport materials quickly and efficiently. Still not convinced? 
Explore the advantages of these units and why you should consider adding them to your fleet.

Benefits Of The Compact Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Exchangeable Lithium-Ion Battery

The Compact Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack isn’t just another walkie pallet jack. This lift features a cartridge-style lithium-ion battery for increased productivity and reduced downtime. With the option to charge the battery both inside and outside the truck, the simple-to-use charger gives you charging flexibility to carry out all of your operational tasks. An optional second battery pack allows for greater run time, so you can stay on the move.

Ergonomically Positioned Handles

This lift is equipped with an easy-to-reach control handle, turtle button, pin code panel, and electric lift/lower buttons, giving you the ability to easily and comfortably reach the functions you need to get the job done.

Enhanced Features Of The Second Generation Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Maintenance-Free Battery

The Second Generation Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is designed with a maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid battery that does not require refilling, lowering your overall operating costs. It also includes a built-in charger that allows for easy, accessible charging so you can get back to work quickly.

Durable Components

The Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack features a strong, heavy-duty chassis, polyurethane drive tires, and a steel battery cover that protects the truck from daily wear and tear that may occur during operation. This pallet jack includes exit rollers to allow easy entry and exit on and off pallets, especially when lightly loaded or empty. Not only does this lift come equipped with durable components to keep your operation moving, but it’s also equipped with an efficient AC drive motor to power you through your daily tasks. The MyToyota Store is our e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly browse and purchase the forklifts and parts you need for your operation. 

Benefits of the Tora-Max Walkie Stacker

Versatile Stacker

The Tora-Max Electric Walkie Stacker possesses excellent maneuverability and is versatile enough to handle light-duty applications, with a load capacity of up to 2,600 lbs.Pinwheel capability allows for optimal control in tight spaces where the handle cannot be fully extended, making it easier to navigate narrow aisles. The addition of adjustable baselegs ensures optimal stability for various load sizes. 

Operator Comfort

The Tora-Max Walkie Stacker navigates tight aisles and compact spaces while providing optimal operator comfort and control. Any move can be done with just the touch of a button. Operators can lift and lower the load in just a few movements using the electric lift and lower controls, and ergonomically angled hand grips, fingertip controls, and directional thumb wheels allow for easy operation without losing productivity. 

24V Lithium-Ion Battery with Built-In Charger

The Tora-Max Walkie Stacker comes equipped with a 24-volt lithium-ion battery and a built-in charger to provide reliable performance and fast charging times. This product also features an LCD Battery Discharge Indicator with Hour Meter that shows battery usage and truck information, such as fault codes and working hours.


The MyToyota Store is our e-commerce platform that allows you to quickly browse and purchase the forklifts and parts you need for your operation. Here is a list of machines that can be purchased directly from the MyToyota Store with just a few clicks. For more information about these forklifts and additional parts and accessories, visit the MyToyota Store.

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