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Customizable Specs Key to Purchasing a Boat Forklift

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Moving boats around in a marina can be tricky business. You have to lift boats in and out of water, move the boats across land, and lift the boats up into storage areas. Enter the marina forklift, sometimes called a boat forklift. These specialized forklifts aren’t like any other forklift out there. Not only can they lift loads up, they can also lower loads below the mast. Because marinas are such a special application, there are three features to keep in mind when you consider purchasing a boat forklift: positive and negative lift, the ability to customize the forklift, and the available technology options you can utilize during forklift operation. Each of these requires that you keep in mind your specific lifting environment.

1. Ability to Customize a Boat Forklift

Boats come in all different shapes and size and so do marina forklifts. When considering which forklift is best suited for your marina, keep in mind the ability to customize the forklift to meet your needs. Be sure that the forklift is capable of being configured to handle the largest boat in the marina. That means lifting it in and out of the water as well as lifting it in and out of storage. The lift capacity, lift height, negative lift, and load center all influence what will meet your needs in the marina. Explore the options you have for masts and fork lengths as well, as your marina forklift can be built to your specifications. In fact, with every Toyota High-Capacity Marina Forklift purchase, your dealer will conduct a site survey to make sure the forklift fits your boat lifting needs precisely.

2. Customizing a Boat Forklift: Keep Negative and Positive Lift in Mind

When you think of forklifts, you probably imagine seeing the machine lifting loads in and out of racking. This type of lift is called positive lift, when the forklift is lifting a load above ground level. When it comes to marina forklifts, these machines have the unique ability to lift below ground level, called negative lift. Negative lift allows the marina forklift to lift a boat out of the water. However, marina forklifts also have positive lift, allowing the machine to lift the boat from ground level and up into a storage unit. If you need to lift the boat a certain height up or need a certain negative lift, keep this in mind when you begin to shop for your marina forklift.

3. Customizing a Boat Forklift: Available Technology Options

Technology is rapidly evolving. Why not use it to your advantage in your marina? Touch screen displays, cameras, and wireless remote controlling are just some of the technologies you can and should take advantage of when you are considering a new marina forklift. Boat forklifts are massive. You should utilize a backup camera when operating. Or when lifting boats in and out of water, you should have a wireless remote controlling feature that allows you to step out of the forklift to get a better vantage point. Both of these are available on the Toyota High-Capacity Marina Forklift. And if additional cameras for increased visibility are needed, Toyota’s engineers can work to make sure you have them. These are all features you should keep in mind when purchasing a marina forklift.

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