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Exploring Internal Combustion Fuel Options

 Fuel consumption and efficiency of forklifts
Posted: December 03, 2020
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What to Consider for Internal Combustion Forklifts?

Selecting an internal combustion forklift option can be a great way to combine power and efficiency for clear ROI. But even after you’ve made the decision between electric and IC forklift solutions, your energy decision isn’t over. In fact, you still have a wide variety of options that can be selected to build the correct material handling equipment that’s right for your unique application. Below, we explore internal combustion fuel options at a high level, to help guide your decision-making process.

Internal Combustion Forklift Fuels

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LP) – LP is ideal for customer locations that do not have gasoline, diesel, or CNG refilling stations readily available. If you’re purchasing forklifts for a new facility, LP has the lowest initial cost since you only need to purchase LP tanks and find a place to store them.


Diesel – Diesel fuel is highly efficient and can offer longer run times in general compared to other fuel types, while also providing increased acceleration over their internal combustion counterparts.


Gasoline – Gasoline powered forklifts are rare due to the popularity of dual fuel units. However, for customers that have refueling stations readily available that can accommodate their fleet size, there is little reason to use LP or dual-fuel configurations. They are also typically more powerful than their diesel alternatives and can provide increased travel and lift/lower speeds.


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – Unlike LP forklifts, the CNG tank is never removed, which can reduce downtime and operator strain. However, infrastructure for CNG refueling stations can be expensive due to the large amount of land required and general cost of equipment and installation, limiting its practicality.



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