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Feeding the World with a Farm Forklift

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Feeding the world is no small feat for today’s farmers.  In order to maintain their place in the food supply chain facing the same increased demands for speed and efficiency as other industries, they need cutting-edge technology, efficient processes, and innovative equipment that can keep up with their fast-paced environment. When you think of the equipment a farmer might need you may think of a planter and a combine, but do you think of a farm forklift? The need for this tough, reliable piece of equipment has gained popularity in the agriculture industry not only for its durability but also for its versatility.

Forklift Farm Hand

Lifting and easily moving heavy parcels is a daily task on a farm. This includes lifting of:


  • hay bales
  • animal feed
  • fencing materials
  • equipment parts
  • seed


For example, most bulk seed purchases today are delivered stacked on a pallet or in a pro box. The pro box is equivalent to 50 bags of seed often weighing around 2,500 lbs. Without a farm forklift, farmers are tasked with lifting items like these by themselves or using another piece of equipment that isn’t made to do this work.


Just think of the time and labor that can be saved with having a forklift that can easily lift and move these deliveries. With palletized inventory also comes to a more organized farm facility, saving on storage space, and keeping floor space neat. The long-term ROI of acquiring a farm forklift through purchase, rental, or lease might offer a major benefit for farms looking to set efficiency standards.

Seed, Feed, and Other Needs

A farm forklift can be used on many different types of farming operations including grain, livestock, and produce. Finding the right type of forklift for your application is key. Additional attachments can also be added for unique lifting and moving capabilities. From clasping a round bale to stacking and dumping produce bins for transport.  Some features to keep in mind include outdoor vs. indoor use, lifting capacity, reach heights needed, and stacking expectations, among others.

From Farm to Forklift

Taking on tasks like lifting and loading on the farm or in the field is made that much easier with a forklift being used in a farm operation. Let this durable, reliable, and versatile piece of equipment keep your farm moving and keep the farmer-focused on feeding the world.

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