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How Low Level Order Pickers Help Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Low Level Order Picker in warehouse
Posted: January 27, 2022
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Do you ever wish you could easily access products on the second level of your warehouse racks? Well, now you can. Toyota’s new Low Level Order Picker comes equipped with an elevated hydraulic operator platform that gives the operator quick and effortless access to the second and, in some cases, third level of racking for countless productivity. Learn more about how Toyota’s Low Level Order Picker can help increase your warehouse efficiency.

Benefits of Toyota’s Low Level Order Picker

Productivity, Reimagined

Toyota’s new Low Level Order Picker can travel while elevated and simultaneously travels and lifts/lowers, allowing the operator to get from pick to pick quickly and efficiently. Optional hands-free lowering further enhances productivity by providing a foot-operated pedal to lower the platform. With the added load tray feature, operators are provided additional assistance when picking multiple cases at an elevated height. In addition, this lift is designed with single, double, and triple fork lengths that deliver flexibility to handle up to three pallets simultaneously.

Smooth Travel, Shift After Shift

Additionally, this warehouse warrior comes equipped with a powerful AC drive motor that provides a smooth, efficient operation while minimizing downtime. It also comes with fewer wearable parts, high energy efficiency, and less periodic maintenance to reduce downtime and operational costs so you can stay on the move.


The Low Level Order Picker comes equipped with a new platform lift to help reduce the vibrations transferred to the load and operator. Additionally, there is a 21” spacious operating compartment with plenty of room for picking, entering, and exiting the forklift.


Deciding which warehouse solution is best for your operation can be difficult, but we’re here to help. If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of the new Low Level Order Picker and how it can take your operation to new heights, reach out to your local Toyota Forklift dealer for more information.

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