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Pallet Jacks and Walkies in Warehouse Applications

 Pallet trucks and walkies in warehouse applications
Posted: March 28, 2023
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Pallet jacks are great complimentary products to traditional counter-balanced forklifts, particularly in warehouse and distribution settings or in applications where space is an issue. Toyota offers a full line of electric pallet jacks, including walkies, end-controlled riders, and center-controlled riders. In addition, Toyota also offers walkie stackers and walkie reach trucks.

WH Pallet Jack Solutions Infographic

Pallet Jacks And Walkies In Warehouse/ Distribution Centers

  • Runs under 50 feet– Depending on the weight and frequency, hand pallet jacks or electric walkie pallet jacks can be effective. The longer and more frequent the runs, the more likely an electric pallet jack is the more effective option.
  • Runs of 50 feet– Consider an electric walkie pallet jack. Toyota offers low and large capacity electric walkies.
  • Runs over 50 feet– For higher travel speeds during horizontal transport, consider an end-controlled rider pallet jack or center-controlled rider pallet jack. Multiple fork lengths are available to carry multiple or custom pallets for even more productivity.

Electric Pallet Jack In Warehouse Applications

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is great for different warehouse applications. If you’re considering purchasing a pallet jack, take a look at the pros and cons of having one, and then decide whether or not it’s right for you.




  • Less expensive than a traditional, counter-balanced forklift
  • Great for smaller spaces where a traditional, counter-balanced forklift won’t fit
  • Typically, less overall operating costs than a traditional, counter-balanced forklift
  • Unlike traditional, counter-balanced forklifts, anyone with adequate training can operate an electric pallet jack.
  • Compatible with optional lithium-ion battery with a maintenance-free seal, eliminating the need for watering, equalizing, and replacing batteries




  • Limited fork vertical height
  • Slower with less flexibility
  • Not effective in rough surface applications such as crushed gravel or uneven pavement
  • Load handling requires additional planning when using pallets with bottom boards

Pallet Jacks And Walkies In Other Applications

Warehouses aren’t the only place to use a pallet jack or electric walkie! Check out some of these other industries they can be used in.


Retail- Electric pallet jacks are useful for many retail applications that typically receive or load shipments under 6,000 lbs. An end-controlled rider is perfect for loading and unloading trailers.


Manufacturing- Electric pallet jacks are useful in manufacturing plants to transport parts and components to different areas of the line. A center-controlled rider pallet jack includes an operator compartment necessary for certain applications, but is still maneuverable enough to effectively navigate through the plant to deliver parts and equipment where they are needed.


If you are still questioning whether electric pallet jacks or walkie stackers can benefit your operations, contact our local, authorized Toyota Forklift Dealer today. 

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