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What Makes a Furniture Order Picker Unique?

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Posted: March 28, 2023
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Larger Loads Handled

If you spend a lot of time in a warehouse you have probably watched an Order Picker gather materials from tall racks and place them on a pallet. Order Pickers are used to reach high racks in narrow aisles efficiently and quickly. Order Pickers excel in picking small to medium-sized products and placing them on a pallet, but are typically not designed to handle larger loads that require more extended platforms. That is where Toyota’s Furniture Order Picker comes in.

Furniture Order Advantages And Versatility

Toyota’s Furniture Order Picker operates and looks like an order picker except for the size and baselegs. The baselegs are much longer than on an Order Picker, which provides various benefits, including the ability to safely handle longer loads at higher heights. They provide a helpful aid for operators who travel forks first down a rail-guided aisle. Also, this lift allows operators to easily place large or bulky items such as carpet or various types of furnishings on carts or platforms. With available fork lengths from 42 to 96 inches and lift heights up to 30.5 feet, Toyota’s Furniture Order Picker is designed to fit a wide variety of applications.


While the name may imply it can only be used for furniture, Toyota’s Furniture Order Picker can handle various types of loads that are too long or bulky for a typical Order Picker.  Its auto-locking pallet clamp assists in securing your load for safe travel throughout your warehouse. Equipped with rail and wire guidance options, it can be programmed to work effectively in any aisle.


Not only can a Furniture Order Picker assist in your warehouse, but it can be used in distribution or even retail.  Whether you have bulky furniture, large components you need to pick and move around a warehouse, Toyota’s Furniture Order Picker is up for the job. To learn more about the Furniture Order Picker and how to optimize your warehouse, contact your local authorized Toyota Forklift Dealer.

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