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3 Ways Your Local Toyota Dealer Can Assist You

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Posted: March 28, 2023
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Toyota Material Handling has one of the largest dealer networks of any material handling supplier, with 66 dealerships in over 230 locations. Chances are, there is a Toyota Dealer near you, and they are a great asset to any company with forklift equipment. In fact, it’s part of the Toyota 360 Support promise that we offer customers full support during the buying and ownership process. There are many different things that Toyota dealers can help your company with. Here are just a few services that are offered across the Toyota Dealer Network.

Choosing The Right Forklift

If you are questioning what forklift will be best for you operation, there are many ways you can go about finding information. Using the Find a Forklift and Compare tool on our website are great places to start for finding useful information. Toyota forklift dealers are available to help you select the right forklift based on type of load or pallet, driving surface, racking, inclines in your facility, and more. Toyota offers a wide variety of optional accessories that, depending on your individual needs, may enhance productivity of the forklift. Toyota dealers are available to answer any of your questions about Toyota forklifts and the available accessories for them.

Operator Training

OSHA requires training for every operator for each and every type of material handling equipment in your facility and in each of your specific applications. Authorized Toyota dealers offer OSHA compliant training and certification programs for you to use in your training programs, helping to alleviate worry that operator certification issues will cause unnecessary safety concerns or non-compliance with OSHA regulations.


Safety is unquestionably the main reason for operator training. Safe operation of forklifts promotes efficient, mindful use which may also decrease maintenance cost, due to the operators knowing how to handle a forklift and its load. The chances of seeing higher return on investment could also be traced back to having fully-trained operators who use material handling equipment in the most efficient and cost-effective ways.  Trained operators for you specific operation might also help to reduce the volume of lost product that results from dropped or misplaced loads.

Forklift Repair

The last thing you want when you are running an operation is for your forklift to break down. Downtime is the enemy of productivity. But forklift maintenance is a fact of life in material handling operations.  Not only do Toyota forklift dealers send expert Toyota Certified Technicians to your facility, they have the tools and knowledge necessary to fix any brand of forklift. For your Toyota manufactured equipment, Toyota Genuine Parts are the best way to keep your Toyota running smoothly, and lasting longer. Oh, and did I mention, your Toyota dealer is the only place to get those Toyota Genuine Parts?


With the Toyota Dealer Network and Toyota 360 Support, you’ll get a winning combination of care. We promise maximum uptime to keep product moving throughout your facility.

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