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Protecting Your Forklift from High-Heat Applications

Posted: July 30, 2018
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“The Heat Is On” is more than just a popular song by Eagles lead singer Glenn Frey, it’s also a great metaphor for forging and casting applications. And the heat isn’t just on the street, it’s also on your forklift and on forklift operators. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can combat these high temperatures to increase productivity and reduce the possibility of premature wear on your equipment.

Foundry Package

Toyota has specially designed packages to help alleviate problems associated with high-heat applications and the foundry package is a great place to start. Toyota’s foundry package typically includes the following features depending on the model and truck configuration:


  • Protection for external wires and sensors using heat-resistant sleeves
  • Hydraulic cylinders wrapped in heat-resistant wrap
  • Heat shield for mast hoses
  • Perforated belly pan


This package is available through special design request and is designed to provide the most common heat-resistant features normally required in the forging, foundry, and casting industries. It is a great starting point for applications where hydraulic failures are a concern due to high ambient temperatures.

Engine Protection

As you can imagine, high heat and high cycle applications can be harmful to your forklift’s engine and powertrain components. This is one reason why many Toyota IC forklifts come standard with built-in engine protection. This system uses the forklift’s controller to monitor engine coolant temperatures and other potential malfunctions. When a malfunction is detected, the engine power is limited to prevent further damage to the engine. It’s a great feature that reduces the possibility of failure due to prolonged use or operator error.

Cooling And Ventilation

High ambient temperatures can create a lot of heat buildup throughout the forklift, so it’s best to outfit your forklift with specific optional features as needed. One concern in this type of environment is operator safety and comfort in high-heat conditions. Options such as an enclosed cabin, air conditioning, and fans can keep operators cool and increase productivity by lowering ambient temperature in the cab.


You also have to consider the effect the temperature can have on your internal components. Toyota’s engine protection system certainly helps, but proper cooling and ventilation can go even further to reduce downtime and maintenance. Toyota offers a wide variety of options and special designs to fit your application’s needs, including:


  • High capacity cooling package
  • Premium ventilation package
  • Hood vents
  • Vented radiator cover
  • Perforated belly pan
  • Dedicated transmission oil cooler


These are just a few of the most common ways to deal with high heat, but each application is unique and has exacting demands. We recommend working with your local, authorized Toyota dealer to determine what is best for your facility and outfit your forklifts accordingly. A simple site survey could mean the difference between sweating it out and being as cool as a cucumber.

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