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Customer Testimonial: Greenberg Smoked Turkey

(Read the video transcript here.)

Video Transcript
Tracy (00:23):
My name is Tracy Lisner. I’m the manager of Greenberg Smoked Turkeys and we’re getting ready to start our 76th season. We process about 200,000 turkeys a year and we ship those via UPS all over the United States. And the bulk of our shipping starts about 10 days before Thanksgiving and then also about two weeks before Christmas. We do about 30% of our business for Thanksgiving and in that period of time we’re going to load anywhere from one to five trucks a day. Between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. And basically about two weeks before Christmas, we’ll start loading anywhere from 3 trucks to 10 trucks a day. It’s very, very important for us to have reliable and dependable forklifts because we do not have any time to be down. And that’s why we have four forklifts to do the amount of work that we need to do. There’s not any downtime for us because if you lose a day of shipping, then you have a lot of unhappy customers.

Tracy (01:32):
We’ve chosen Lift Trucks Supply to be our material handling company for forklifts and pallet jacks because you can trust them. At a moment’s notice, you can make a call to service. And within an hour and certainly no more than two hours, I have somebody on site taking care of whatever problem I have. Parts have not been an issue, service has not been an issue, and sales has certainly not been an issue. Toyota Forks have been a blessing for us. The service on them is very easy. The dependability of Toyota matches the dependability of Lift Truck Supply.

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