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For more information about Forklift Options and Accessories, please see our Guide to Forklift Options and Forklift Accessories page.



Video Transcript


Speaker 1 (00:17):

All Toyota forklifts are designed with safety in mind, and safety is a standard feature. With help from an authorized Toyota Forklift dealer, forklift customers can identify and determine if additional accessories will benefit them. In certain applications, adding accessories to a forklift can be an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make the forklift more efficient, comfortable, and more productive. Because the use of forklifts accessories varies by application and specific needs, Toyota offers a wide variety of accessories through factory order and as field installs with Toyota Genuine Parts and the Toyota STARLIFT Parts Program. If you determine that your application can benefit from adding additional means to alert pedestrians and other equipment operators that a forklift is nearby, popular accessories include backup alarms and strobe lights which come in yellow or blue.


Speaker 1 (01:09):

In applications that choose to employ additional alarms and strobe lights, training programs should include identifying what the lights and alarms mean for both pedestrians and operators. Perhaps your work environment does not support alarms or strobe lights, but includes unique fire hazards. In that case, having a fire extinguisher added to your forklift can be a useful addition. Regardless of your application, reverse forklift travel is often necessary, and for the operator, it can become an ergonomics issue over the course of a long shift. Toyota’s rear assist grip with horn, takes the discomfort out of reverse travel and helps keep the operator confined to the operator cabin, rather than reaching out to the overhead guard. In addition to backup alarms, strobe lights, fire extinguishers, and rear assist grips, other popular forklift accessories include rearview mirrors, non-marking tires, steering wheel knobs, pencil and tape holders, an orange seat belt, and a multi-function display panel with self diagnostics. For a full list of available forklift accessories, or to talk about how Toyota forklift accessories may benefit you and your business, visit ToyotaForklift.com or contact your local Toyota Forklift dealer.

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