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Forklift Safety Solutions

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Video Transcript
Speaker 1 (00:17):
Every workplace has its own safety challenges, whether you operate in loud, dimly lit, hot, or any other less than optimal environment. If your work environment is loud, it might be difficult for pedestrians to hear or identify the location of forklifts operating nearby causing potential accidents. A dark workspace can cause similar issues. If pedestrians and other forklifts can’t see each other or know there are others around, the results can be serious. Narrow aisles can be difficult to navigate, making it dangerous for both forklift operators and anyone working alongside them, particularly in intersecting aisles. Being aware of the workplace challenges you face is the first step in overcoming them. After identifying potential safety issues, the next step is to figure out how to overcome them. The safety of your employees should be the top priority.
Speaker 1 (01:06):
At Toyota, that’s our top priority. Toyota offers many solutions that can assist you in overcoming your forklift safety challenges. First and foremost, Toyota can help properly train your operators. As your business needs change, the solution to your workplace challenges may be a different forklift for new or evolving applications. Most Toyota forklifts come standard with Toyota’s System of Active Stability or SAS, and Toyota’s Active Mast Control or AMC. Popular safety based forklifts solutions that often compliment SAS and AMC include extra lights, horns, and alarms. Toyota’s t-matics vehicle management system also provides operator login options and impact reports to measure and manage accountability in a safety-first environment. Contact your local Toyota forklift dealer or visit ToyotaForklifts.com to find Toyota safety solutions that are right for your application.

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