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Forklifts Loading & Unloading Applications

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Video Transcript


Speaker 1 (00:17):

At Toyota, we understand the unique challenges and the need for efficient solutions to unload inventory and load fulfillment orders. Most importantly, you need tools that get the work done efficiently, comfortably and safely on both ends. You also need equipment that is flexible enough to handle other material handling needs you may have. Being safe and comfortable while you’re working is just as important to efficiency as having the right equipment. At Toyota, you’ll find forklifts, solutions for loading and unloading that were built with you in mind.


Speaker 1 (00:47):

Toyota’s Stand-Up-Rider is a perfect solution for streamlined dock to stock warehouse applications. The Stand-Up-Rider’s maneuverability is evident in narrow aisle applications and its durability is put on display when it handles ramps and bumps at the shipping docks. With a load capacity between 3000 and 4,000 pounds the standup rider is an efficient, versatile solution for warehouses and distribution centers.


Speaker 1 (01:11):

If your operators are in a fixed forklift application at the shipping docks, comfort and ergonomics are critical. The new Toyota 3-Wheel Electric forklift is a great solution. Like the Stand-Up-Rider, the 3-Wheel Electric forklift is maneuverable enough to navigate narrow aisle applications and durable enough to handle loading and unloading trucks. With high visibility and strong ergonomic support the 3-Wheel Electric is a comfortable and efficient option for either dock to stock applications or when using a staging area.


Speaker 1 (01:41):

The 3-Wheel Electric is one of the most popular Toyota forklifts because of its extreme flexibility and ability to handle most material handling needs. If you use a staging area near your shipping docs to temporarily store inventory or outgoing orders, your best bet for loading and unloading may be one of Toyota’s Electric Pallet jacks. Toyota’s End-Controlled Rider and Electric Walkie Pallet Jack are common, more economical loading and unloading solutions.


Speaker 1 (02:07):

They often compliment reach trucks, order pickers, and other forklifts that are primarily used for stacking storage and order picking. More compact than forklifts, Pallet Jacks can handle loads between 4,500 pounds and 8,000 pounds and our handy horizontal transport warehouse solutions. Whatever you’re loading and unloading needs, Toyota has a solution to help you get the job done efficiently, comfortably, and safely in your warehouse. For more information on Toyota’s shipping dock and warehouse product lines, visit Toyotaforklifts.com or contact your local Toyota forklift dealer.

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