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Gestamp Customer Story Video

Gestamp is a Class A metal stamping facility. It began as a small company with only one press and has grown to have five separate presses in different buildings. They are responsible for sending products across the United States and around the world. Due to this. It is a busy facility. There are trucks going in and out around the clock.  

In this video, Martin Smith, the D-Stack Operator at Gestamp, explains how Toyota forklifts improve their business processes. He explains how forklifts help operations from shipping and receiving to assembly, and much more. There is constant movement and flow at Gestamp. Toyota forklifts help speed up this operation, making Gestamp stand out among competitors.  

Leonard Murray, a Road Service Technician at Southeast Industrial Equipment, explains how originally Gestamp used competitor’s trucks in its operation. Once they realized all that Toyota trucks could do, they quickly made the switch. Making the switch to Toyota has made the company stand out in its industry due to the speed and efficiency Toyota trucks provide.   

Jeremy Flynn, the Territory Manager at Southeast Industrial Equipment, explains the size of the heavy duty trucks being used at Gestamp as well. “The product leads all categories from safety, visibility, ergonomics, operator comfort, fuel efficiency,” states Flynn. 

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