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Grit-n-Grind: Toyota Forklifts and FedEx Forum

(Read the video transcript here.)



Video Transcript


Willie Fisher (00:02):

We are located in the FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee.


Peter Pugh II (00:05):

This is the one place that everyone comes together. Whether it’s a basketball game, whether it’s a concert, whether it’s a family show, we want to make sure that we can bring in over a hundred events a year for our community. So in doing that, we have to transform this building and the one thing that we know is doors are going to open and on time. Lilly came in from the very beginning. It’s been a great partnership from both sides with them.


Nate Johnson (00:29):

They provide our forklifts for us and our electric pallet jacks.


Eric Wisher (00:34):

The Lilly Company is a fourth generation company, a hundred years next year. We try to provide all number one products to anything that we sell to any of our customers, whether it’s the parks, the service, the customer relations that we have, Toyota is absolute the best line to offer.


Scotty Swanger (00:48):

We have a concert tomorrow that’ll end at about 11 and we will have this whole building turned around ready for basketball by about nine o’clock the next morning.


Peter Pugh II (00:55):

I don’t have to worry at two or three o’clock in the morning I’m going to get a phone call about a forklift being down.


Nate Johnson (01:00):

We will set stages. We set the basketball court.


Willie Fisher (01:03):

You name it. Anything over a hundred pounds we grab the forklift. Lifting the floor, stacking them into bays, unstacking decks, stacking chairs, you name it. Without the Toyota forklifts, we couldn’t do our job around here. It couldn’t happen.


Nate Johnson (01:19):

We have beat up the forklifts quite a bit. But I think it just speaks to the fact our building is the Grindhouse. That is emblematic, I believe, of Memphis and of Memphians. We are folks who work hard. The forklifts fit right in with that. They’ll take a beating but they’ll keep on ticking.


Peter Pugh II (01:42):

We still have the same three forklifts we started with back in 2004 year.


Nate Johnson (01:49):

They’re just as much a part of our team as our staff and everybody else. We know we can count on them just like we count on our guys.

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