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Video Transcript
Speaker 1 (00:16):
What keeps your business up and running? Well, it’s a number of things, but your forklifts are a key aspect to the supply chain. Toyota has a long history of manufacturing the highest quality products in a wide range of industries. The first Toyota forklift arrived in the United States in 1967 and US production began in 1990. Toyota forklifts are manufactured using the world-renowned Toyota production system. Your forklift comes off the line equipped with Toyota Genuine parts and original Starlift components, which are the only parts that keep your Toyota, a real Toyota. Generic parts devalue your forklift through inefficiencies caused by compatibility issues, unusual wear, and ultimately, a shorter life span. They’re cheaper for a reason. Downtime is the single largest opportunity costs your company can face and when your forklifts are down, your supply chain is down and the meter is running.
Speaker 1 (01:12):
It’s the job of Toyota Genuine parts and original Starlift components to maximize your uptime and give you the greatest opportunity for continued success. Every Toyota Genuine part and original Starlift component is an investment in your future business operations. Generic parts are typically cheaper on the front end, but can become a major liability down the road. To learn more about Toyota Genuine parts as well as the one-stop shop, Starlift parts program, contact your Toyota dealer or visit Toyotaforklifts.com.

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