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Operating Forklifts in Extreme Climates

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Video Transcript
Speaker 1 (00:18):
Extreme conditions are hard on your equipment and they can be hard on you. As such, you need to take some simple steps to keep your forklift running smoothly and stay as comfortable as possible. If you work in a coastal environment, you know that salt attacks metal and can quickly begin breaking down your engine. However, salty air and water aren’t the only dangers for your forklift. Any kind of excessive water can be detrimental to its lifespan. For wet end or salty environments, Toyota offers a galvanized option on electric walkie pallet jacks, as well as end-controlled rider pallet jacks.
Speaker 1 (00:52):
The galvanized option offers various protective features, including galvanized metal frames, shielded drive motors, sealed main contractors, and more. Like salty environments, cold storage environments are also common for many in warehousing and distribution centers. Toyota offers various solutions to work effectively in cold storage applications. For instance, the Toyota stand up rider can be equipped with a cold conditioning package, including silicone-coated wire terminals, a heated control handle, and a cone shaped four-way auxiliary button making working with gloves much easier.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
Many Toyota forklifts have optional features such as a cabin with heater and defroster. Whatever your harsh climate material handling needs are, Toyota has a solution to help accommodate you. Extreme environments don’t have to be uncomfortable and damaging. Contact your Toyota forklift dealer today about how you can protect yourself and your equipment or visit toyotaforklifts.com.

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