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Video Transcript
Speaker 2 (00:17):
Most industries will agree that workplace safety is important. But sometimes, it is unintentionally overlooked. With an increased demand on efficiency and the multiple hats most supervisors have to wear, basic safety operations can continually be put on the back burner. Some of the largest safety issues a large facility can face deal with heavy machinery and human interaction.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
First and foremost, all workers should be properly trained before operating any machinery, whether it be manufacturing equipment, a forklift, or other industrial machinery. Second, clear lanes should be defined for pedestrian traffic and for equipment traffic. This helps keep pedestrian safely out of the way of moving equipment and also increases material flow efficiency. Third, when appropriate for your application, warning lights and alarms should be used to let pedestrians know a forklift or other industrial equipment vehicle is nearby. This is especially important around tall aisles and other places where visibility can be limited.
Speaker 2 (01:16):
Unsafe working conditions can result in increased costs, lost productivity, low employee morale, bad reputations and costly OSHA or CCOHS fines. Toyota maintains a safety first culture and through decades of lean production, has developed a blended approach to efficiency, productivity, and safety. Today, Toyota offers safety solutions to its customers and neighbors through operator training and site safety audits.

Speaker 2 (01:43):
To learn more about how Toyota can be your partner to help increase your overall workplace safety, contact your local Toyota forklift dealer or visit toyotaforklifts.com.

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