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The Toyota Forklift Story

(Read the video transcript here.)


Video Transcript

Tom Lego (00:07):
Each day, we have a product that’s being built by hundreds of different people that have their hands on making component parts, welding, painting, machining, cutting, assembling those. And each one of those hands that goes onto that product has that dedication of understanding that what they’re putting together is something that’s greater than the sum of those parts.

John Jones (00:36):
When you look at a Toyota fork truck, you should know that every person in this plant carries a piece of that fork truck with them and has that sense of pride.

Brittany Boswell (00:59):
We get so excited when we see Toyota forklifts out there. We get especially excited when they’re doing a tough job, and they’re all beat up, and we’re like, “We built that.”

Dave Collins (01:10):
Within our plant, each downstream process is your customer.
Jeff Anthony (01:15):
I’m constantly thinking about what am I going to do today to make some small change or difference?

Dave Collins (01:21):
You have to care about what you send to your customer. Let’s not build this thing halfway. Let’s do it all the way, and let’s do it correct the first time.

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