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Toyota Commercial Finance Official Video

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Video Transcript
Announcer (00:17):
Toyota Commercial Finance. Toyota Forklifts Finance Company is the largest finance company for material handling in North America. With 30 years in business and $2 billion in assets, Toyota Commercial Finance is experienced in securing financing for the customers of Toyota forklift dealers throughout North America.

Announcer (00:38):
Toyota Commercial Finance works exclusively in the material handling industry and understands the opportunities and unique business challenges.

Carolee Furukawa (00:46):
Because we are a captive finance of TMHU, we can offer flexible terms. We will work with them through economic cycles and recessions actually. We look at those as opportunities to help our dealers and customers.

Announcer (00:59):
Toyota Commercial Finance knows that in the material handling industry, having the best equipment available to complete jobs quickly and effectively is one of the keys to success. And having the best equipment, Toyota forklifts typically requires financing.

Announcer (01:13):
Top rated in many key areas such as safety, quality, reliability, and value, Toyota forklifts run more efficiently with less downtime than other brands. This means more productivity for businesses that depend on their forklifts. That’s the clear advantage to leveraging Toyota Commercial Finance to get you in the best forklift and help you help your business succeed.

Announcer (01:37):
As Toyota’s exclusive finance company, Toyota Commercial Finance has a vested interest in their customers and works to make securing financing easy for those purchasing or leasing from both Toyota and other OEMs through Toyota forklift dealers.

Jack Pellegreen (01:51):
Where we differentiate from other lenders is where our flexibility, and even in terms and structure, we look for ways to put together the deal.

Announcer (02:01):
When it comes to leasing, the higher the end of lease residual, the better, because the higher the end of lease residual, the lower the monthly payment.

Announcer (02:09):
Toyota Commercial Finance also offers the highest end of lease residuals in the industry. Whether they’re leasing or purchasing one forklift or a hundred, the process is unique for each customer. That’s why Toyota Commercial Finance offers custom tailored finance programs to meet every customer’s individual needs.

Announcer (02:27):
From the beginning to the end, Toyota Commercial Finance guides customers to a program that suits their needs and makes the entire process seamless and easy to navigate.

Jack Pellegreen (02:37):
We just provide customization and flexibility, and that’s what makes us different than the competition.

Announcer (02:44):
Visit ToyotaForklift.com to find your local Toyota forklift dealer and learn more about Toyota Commercial Finance.

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