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Toyota Core Electric Forklift Official Video

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Video Transcript

Speaker 1 (00:19):
Toyota Core Electric Forklift, manufactured in Columbus, Indiana using the Toyota production system, is built to operate in bustling warehouses, distribution centers, and other primarily indoor environments. The Core Electric Forklift is part of Toyota’s line of sit down counterbalanced forklifts.

Speaker 1 (00:37):
Complementing its internal combustion counterparts, the Core Electric Forklift lifts up to 6,500 pounds, and an optional quad mast can reach heights of 23 feet. The Toyota Core Electric is an ideal four-wheel forklift solution for nearly every indoor application, and compact models can operate with almost any standard load in 11 foot aisles. This capability allows facilities to expand up rather than out.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
Powered entirely by a 36 volt or a 48 volt industrial battery, the Core Electric performs competitively with traditional internal combustion-powered forklifts. Increase your productivity with full-load travel speeds of up to 11.5 miles per hour and unrivaled lift and lower speeds. If your application includes ramps, Core Electric forklift models can navigate inclines up to 25 degrees. And with three forms of regeneration, the Core Electric is revved and ready for at least one full eight-hour shift. It’s primed for the kind of up-time you and your business expect.

Speaker 1 (01:42):
But your productivity isn’t the only thing that will be improved with the Core Electric Forklift. Toyota’s unique system of active stability or SAS will help to improve operator safety as well as the Core Electric Forklift navigates through the warehouse.

Speaker 1 (01:57):
SAS is constantly on guard to help stabilize the forklift at a moment’s notice by widening the forklift’s center of gravity to decrease the likelihood of a lateral tip over. It’s a feature no other forklift manufacturer can offer. And studies have shown that the entire SAS system only adds about $20 a year to the cost of the forklift.

Speaker 1 (02:17):
Alternate current or AC-powered technology keeps the Toyota Core Electric emission-free and easy to maintain. By operating the Toyota Core Electric, you can feel confident that you’re not only operating a forklift efficiently, but you’re also operating safely.

Speaker 1 (02:33):
Since Toyota launched its first forklift more than 50 years ago, the brand has been known for legendary productivity through quality, durability, reliability, and value. Today’s four-wheel Core Electric forklifts are the latest products to build on that reputation. Built by the brand trusted most by material handling experts, the Toyota Core Electric Forklift will help take your business to new heights.

Speaker 1 (02:57):
To learn more about the Toyota Core Electric Forklift or the rest of Toyota’s material handling product line, visit ToyotaForklift.com or contact your local Toyota Forklift dealer.

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